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General term for a covered walkway, and more specifically for the walkway linking the two chancel aisles behind the high altar.


Semicircular or polygonal termination of the chancel, which is typically situated at the eastern end of a Christian church.


A shelter containing one or more bells.


Sculpted female figure, usually clad in long robes, serving as an architectural support, taking the place of a column or pillar.


Small piece of enclosed ground.

Lancet window

Tall, narrow window typically associated with the Gothic architectural style.


Range of columns surrounding an architectural feature.


Redirected to peristyle.

Piano nobile

Main floor of a Palladian or Georgian building.


From the French meaning “coach door”, also known as a coach gate or carriage porch, a covered porch-like structure at a main or secondary entrance to a building that gives access to a vehicle while providing arriving and departing occupants with protection from the elements.