Aero 3S

The Aero 3s is a re-bodied and more aerodynamic version of the Campagna T-Rex, introduced by Anibal Automotive Design of Canada in 2006.

Allard Specials

Sydney Herbert Allard (1910–1966) was the designer and manufacturer of a series of one-off competition cars produced between 1934 and 1939, the first of which was CLK 5.

Arkley S/SS

The Arkley SS is a re-bodied Austin Healey Sprite/MG Midget, launched in 1971 by John Britten Garages Ltd of Arkley, Hertfordshire.


Babs is the land-speed record car that was built and driven by John Parry-Thomas to a world land-speed record in 1926.

Blackjack Cars

Blackjack Cars, founded by Richard Oakes in 1996, is a manufacturer of three-wheeled kit cars based in Helston, Cornwall, England.

Bond Bug

The Bond Bug is a small British two-seat, three-wheeled automobile, built from 1970 to 1974 by the Reliant Motor Company. Based on a modified version of the Reliant Robin chassis, with mechanical components from the Reliant Regal, its distinctive feature is its bright tangerine wedge-shaped body.

Broadspeed GT 2+2

The Broadspeed GT 2+2 is a Mini-based fastback-styled motor vehicle designed by Tony Bloor, Broadspeed’s sales manager.

Buckland B3

The Buckland B3 is a three-wheeler car designed and built by Dick Buckland from 1985 until 1999.


The Cambro was a three-wheeled, single-seat cyclecar made in 1920–1921 by the Central Aircraft Company of Northolt, Middlesex. It was one of the cheapest cars on the market.

DRK (car)

The DRK is a three-wheeled kit car produced by DRK Kits of Ellesmere Port, England, between 1987 and 1998.

Emery GT

The Emery GT was the first Hillman Imp-based kit car.

English Mechanic

The English Mechanic is the UK’s first kit car.

Fuji Cabin

The Fuji Cabin is a three-wheeled microcar produced by Fuji Toshuda Motors of Tokyo, Japan, from 1957 until 1958.

Grenville Steam Carriage

The three-wheeled Grenville Steam Carriage was probably completed in about 1890. Capable of carrying four passengers, it did however require a crew of two – a fireman and a driver – to operate it.

Harper Runabout

The Harper Runabout is a three-wheeled motor vehicle designed by Robert Harper and manufactured from 1921 until 1926.

Inspiration (car)

The Inspiration is the British World Land Speed Record holder for a steam-powered car, which it set in 2009.

Locomotive Acts

The Locomotive Acts of 1861, 1865 and 1878 set the United Kingdom’s first speed limits for road-going vehicles; powered passenger vehicles were at the time known as light locomotives, as they were invariably powered by steam.

Midas Bronze

The Midas Bronze is a Mini-based kit car designed by Richard Oakes and manufactured by D&H Fibreglass Techniques, set up by Harold Dermott and Maurice Holt in 1975.

Ogle SX1000

The Ogle SX1000 is a front-wheel drive Mini-based coupé-style motor vehicle designed by David Ogle, the founder of Ogle Design.

Peel Trident

The Peel Trident, designed by Cyril Cannell, was first produced by the Peel Engineering Co from 1965–1966, and reintroduced by Peel Engineering Ltd in 2011.

RW Kit Cars

RW Kit Cars Ltd. was an English manufacturer of kit cars, founded in 1983 by Roger Woolley.


The Scoot-Mobile is a three-wheeled motor vehicle the prototype for which was produced in 1947. The body was a modified aircraft fuel tank, and the wheels also came from an aircraft.

Stimson Mini Bug

The Stimson Mini Bug is a Mini-based beach buggy-styled motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson.

Stimson Safari Six

The Stimson Safari Six is a Mini-based six-wheeled pickup motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson.

Stimson Scorcher

The Stimson Scorcher is a three-wheeled vehicle designed by Barry Stimson and first produced in the UK in 1976.

Stimson Sting

The Stimson Sting is a three-wheeled motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson. Available as a kit car, it was introduced into the UK in 2002 and continued in production until 2007.

Stimson Storm

The Stimson Storm is a three-wheeled motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson and offered for sale as a kit car.

Sunbeam Tiger

The Sunbeam Tiger is a high-performance V8 version of the British Rootes Group’s Sunbeam Alpine roadster, designed in part by the American car designer and racing driver Carroll Shelby and produced from 1964 until 1967.