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Alison Rough

Edinburgh merchant and property investor convicted of murdering her son-in-law in 1535.

Burke and Hare murders

Series of 16 killings committed over a period of about ten months in 1828 in Edinburgh, Scotland. They were undertaken by William Burke and William Hare, who sold the corpses to Robert Knox for dissection at his anatomy lectures.

Catherine Hayes

Catherine Hayes née Hall (1690–1726), was the last woman in England to be executed by being burned alive.

Catherine Murphy (counterfeiter)

The last woman in England to have been sentenced to be burnt at the stake.

Coterel Gang

14th-century armed group that flourished in the North Midlands of England, led by James Coterel.

Eastbourne manslaughter

1860 legal case concerning the death of 15-year-old Reginald Cancellor at the hands of his teacher, Thomas Hopley.

Great Gold Robbery

The Great Gold robbery of 1855 occurred when a routine shipment of gold bullion and coins was stolen from a train in transit between London Bridge and Folkestone, on its way to Paris.

Henry Goodcole

Chaplain of Newgate Prison and author of criminal biographies, the most important of which is that of Elizabeth Sawyer.

Jack Sheppard

Jack Sheppard (1702–1724) was a notorious thief in early 18th-century London, wildly popular with the poorer classes.

James Humphreys (pornographer)

English business and criminal who ran a chain of adult book shops and strip clubs in London. He was able to operate his business by bribing serving police officers.