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Anne Jefferies

Young Cornish servant girl endowed with the power to heal and prophetise after being visited by fairies


A female spirit in Irish and Scottish folklore whose wailing voice is heard before the death of a member of the family to which she is attached.


Brownie or spirit who worked in the mines of Northern England pushing wagons out of the mines, usually appearing as a blue light.

Brocken spectre

Optical illusion in which the apparently greatly magnified shadow of an observer, when projected onto a surrounding mist, interferes with the observer’s depth perception.

Church grim

Spirit that protects graveyards from witches and the Devil, usually appearing as a black dog.

Corpse roads

Roads that once provided the means of transporting the dead to churchyards for burial.

Devil’s door

Blocked-up door in the north wall of a church, once believed to have been an escape route for the Devil when he left a child as a result of the sacrament of baptism.


Spirits also known as powries, said to haunt the peel towers and castles of the Scottish border with England.

Emic and etic

Emic and etic are terms used to describe two different kinds of field research in a wide field of studies, from the view of the insider or the observer respectively.

Ernest W. Marwick

Scottish writer, folklorist and antiquarian particularly noted for his texts on Orkney folklore and history