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A Little Bit of Cucumber

Comedic music hall-song first performed by Harry Champion in 1915, about the types of food preferred by the cockney working classes.


Type of public house created in the United Kingdom by the 1830 Beerhouse Act, legally defined as a place “where beer is sold to be consumed on the premises”.

Eccles cake

Named after the town in Lancashire where it was first made, the Eccles cake is a confection made of flaky pastry filled with currants.

Elizabeth Raffald

18th-century English entrepreneur, author of The Experienced English Housekeeper, and possible inventor of the Eccles cake.

Florence Petty

Scottish cookery writer and broadcaster (1870–1948).

Gin Craze

Period during the first half of 18th-century Great Britain when the consumption of gin increased rapidly, leading to an epidemic of extreme drunkenness.


Any kind of roasted and crushed cereal moistened by being mixed with water or milk.

Magee Marshall & Company

Brewer which operated from the Crown Brewery in Bolton, Lancashire, England from 1888 until being taken over by Greenall Whitley in 1958.

Manchester Tart

Variation on a Victorian recipe for Manchester pudding, first recorded by Mrs Beeton.

Martha Bradley

18th-century English cook, author of The British Housewife.