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Industrial organisations

British Gas Traction Company

The British Gas Traction Company was incorporated on 13 July 1896 to operate gas-powered trams, which it worked initially on the Blackpool, St. Annes and Lytham tramway, the first such tramway in Britain.

Haigh Foundry

An ironworks and foundry in Haigh near Wigan that was notable for the manufacture of steam engines.

John Grundy Limited

John Grundy Limited was a company of heating engineeers and ironfounders started in Tyldesley, Lancashire in 1857.


Kosmoid was a group of three companies set up by Glasgow doctor Alexander Shiels in 1904: Kosmoid Ltd, Kosmoid Locks Ltd, and Kosmoid Tubes Ltd.

Leeds Pottery

Pottery established in 1770 in Hunslet, South Leeds notable for intricate pierced creamware known as Leedsware.

Leigh silk industry

Leigh’s silk industry grew after 1827 in and around the area of the old parish when silk was woven on domestic hand looms and later in weaving sheds using silk yarn supplied from Macclesfield by agents from Manchester.

Magee Marshall & Company

Magee Marshall & Company operated from the Crown Brewery in Bolton, Lancashire, England from 1888 until being taken over by Greenall Whitley in 1958.

Manchester Liners

Manchester Liners was a cargo and passenger shipping company founded in 1898, based in Manchester, England.

National Coal Board

The National Coal Board (NCB) was the statutory corporation created to run the coal mining industry in the United Kingdom under the Coal Industry Nationalisation Act 1946.

North Western Gas Board

The North Western Gas Board (NWGB) was a state-owned utility area gas board providing gas for light and heat to industries and homes in the north-west of England.

Potts of Leeds

Potts of Leeds was founded in 1833. The company made domestic timepieces and expanded into the manufacture and repair of public clocks, based in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

Round Foundry

The Round Foundry was an engineering works off Water Lane in Holbeck, Leeds in Yorkshire. The complex was built for Fenton, Murray and Wood.

South Lancashire Tramways

The South Lancashire Tramways system of electric trams was authorised by the South Lancashire Tramways Act of 1900. The South Lancashire Tramways Company built more than 62 miles (100 km) of track to serve the towns in south Lancashire between St Helens, Swinton, Westhoughton and Hulton Lane where it met the Bolton Corporation system.

South Wheal Frances

A copper and tin mine to the south of Camborne in Cornwall named after the mineral lord, Lady Frances Basset

Wallsuches Bleachworks

Wallsuches Bleachworks takes its name from an area of Horwich in Greater Manchester, England. The area is notable for the bleachworks started by Thomas Ridgway.