Industrialists (12 pages found in this category)

Caleb Wright

Factory owner and Liberal Member of Parliament, was born in Tyldesley, Lancashire.

Edward Akroyd

Industrialist, politician and philanthropist.

Frank Harris Fulford

Canadian-born entrepreneur, art collector and businessman

James Burton

James Burton (1784–1868) was the owner of several cotton mills in Tyldesley and Hindsford in the mid-19th century.

John Holker

Jacobite soldier, industrialist, and one of the world's first industrial espionage agents.

John Kemp Starley

Inventor of the safety bicycle and founder of what became known as the Rover car manufacturing company.

John Rylands

John Rylands (7 February 1801 – 11 December 1888) was an English entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was the owner of the largest textile manufacturing concern in the United Kingdom, and Manchester’s first multi-millionaire.

John White, 1st Baron Overtoun

Scottish chemical manufacturer, supporter of religious causes, philanthropist and Liberal politician

Marshall Stevens

Property developer whose work with Daniel Adamson and others led to the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, completed in 1894.

Patrick Milne of Crimonmogate

Wealthy Scottish merchant, politician, and landowner; commissioned Aberdeen architects to design two houses.