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Aero 3S

The Aero 3s is a re-bodied and more aerodynamic version of the Campagna T-Rex, introduced by Anibal Automotive Design of Canada in 2006.

Arkley S/SS

Re-bodied Austin Healey Sprite/MG Midget, launched in 1971 by John Britten Garages Ltd of Arkley, Hertfordshire.

Blackjack Cars

Blackjack Cars, founded by Richard Oakes in 1996, is a manufacturer of three-wheeled kit cars based in Helston, Cornwall, England.

Emery GT

First Hillman Imp-based kit car.

English Mechanic

UK’s first kit car, 1900.

Midas Bronze

Mini-based kit car designed by Richard Oakes and manufactured by D&H Fibreglass Techniques, set up by Harold Dermott and Maurice Holt in 1975.

RW Kit Cars

RW Kit Cars Ltd. was an English manufacturer of kit cars, founded in 1983 by Roger Woolley.

Stimson Mini Bug

Mini-based beach buggy-styled motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson.

Stimson Safari Six

The Stimson Safari Six is a Mini-based six-wheeled pickup motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson.

Stimson Scorcher

Three-wheeled motor vehicle designed by Barry Stimson and first produced in the UK in 1976.