Mythical & legendary creatures (38 pages found in this category)

Abbey lubber

Minor devil tasked with tempting monks into corrupt and lascivious behaviour.


Mythological race of people without mouths, who survived by inhaling air and scents through their nostrils.


A female spirit in Irish and Scottish folklore whose wailing voice is heard before the death of a member of the family to which she is attached.


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Blue men of the Minch

Mythological creatures who seek out sailors to drown and stricken boats to sink.


Brownie or spirit who worked in the mines of Northern England pushing wagons out of the mines, usually appearing as a blue light.


Shapeshifting entity of the lochs of the west coast of Scotland

Buttery spirit

Redirected to Abbey lubber.


Ancient Celtic hag goddess who in her various guises shaped the land, controlled the forces of nature, and was responsible for the harsh nature of winter.

Cat Sith

Fairy cat of the Highlands of Scotland, black and as large as a dog.