Eleanor Thornton

Eleanor Velasco Thornton (15 April 1880 – 30 December 1915) was an English actress and artist’s model, who may have been the inspiration for the Rolls-Royce flying lady mascot.

Elizabeth Mallett

Elizabeth Mallet (fl. 1672–1706) was a printer and bookseller who produced Britain’s first daily newspaper, The Daily Courant, the first issue of which appeared on 11 March 1702.

Florence Nagle

Florence Nagle, (26 October 1894 – 30 October 1988) was a trainer and breeder of racehorses, a breeder of pedigree dogs, and an active feminist. She successfully challenged the well-established leading gentlemen’s clubs of the racing and canine worlds over their gender inequality, and in 1966 became one of the first two women in the United Kingdom licensed to train racehorses.

Gertrude Agnew

The socialite Gertrude Vernon, Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, gained prestige and notoriety from her portrait by artist John Singer Sargent.

Hugh Stowell

Hugh Stowell (3 December 1799 – 8 October 1865) was a Church of England clergyman with a reputation as a vigorous firebrand of a preacher.

Humphrey Chetham

Humphrey Chetham (1580–1653) was an English merchant responsible fr the creation of Chetham’s Hospital and Chetham’s Library, the oldest public library in the English-speaking world.

Jerome Caminada

Jerome Caminada (1844 – March 1914) was a 19th-century police detective in Manchester, England. Caminada served with the police between 1868 and 1899, and has been called Manchester’s Sherlock Holmes.

Jonathan Tyers

Proprietor of New Spring Gardens, later known as Vauxhall Gardens, a popular pleasure garden in Kennington, London.

Joseph Denison (banker)

A wealthy banker and owner of the Denbies estate in Surrey.

Joseph Neil Paton

Damask designer and antiquarian with an extensive collection containing witchcraft paraphernalia that included the skull of Lilias Adie. Father of the artist Joseph Noel Paton

Lady Rachel Workman MacRobert

Geologist, cattle breeder, an active feminist and creator of the MacRobert Trust, a charity that supports the RAF and others

Margaret Sibthorp

Margaret Sibthorp, née Shurmer, (c. 1835 – 23 May 1916) edited the “pioneering women’s periodical” Shafts from 1892 until 1899.

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor (1817–1893), an early advocate for women’s rights, was born in Gomersal in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Peter Beatty

English racehorse owner, businessman and aristocrat

Samuel Bamford

Samuel Bamford (28 February 1788 – 13 April 1872) was an English radical and writer, born in Middleton, Lancashire.

Sir Andrew Agnew, 9th Baronet of Lochnaw

Sir Andrew Noel Agnew, 9th Baronet of Lochnaw (14 August 1850 – 14 July 1928) was a descendent of an old Scottish family whose main seat was Lochnaw Castle in Wigtownshire, Scotland.

Thomas Linley

English tenor, musician and composer whose musically talented children were described as “a Nest of Nightingales”

Thomas Sheridan

Thomas Sheridan (1775 – 1817), known as Tom Sheridan, was the only son of the playwright and poet Richard Brinsley Sheridan and the soprano Elizabeth Ann Linley