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Burmantofts Pottery

Major producer of decorated tiles and architectural ceramics in Yorkshire.

Cistercian ware

Type of earthenware pottery manufactured in England in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Leeds Pottery

Pottery established in 1770 in Hunslet, South Leeds notable for intricate pierced creamware known as Leedsware.

Pilkington’s Lancastrian Pottery & Tiles

Former manufacturer of tiles, vases and bowls established in 1892, best remembered for their fine glazes such as Royal Lancastrian.

Potovens pottery

Hamlet on the Wakefield Outwood, now known as Wrenthorpe, where small pot works were built.

Rockingham Pottery

Redirected to Swinton Pottery.

Rockingham Works

Redirected to Swinton Pottery.

Swinton Pottery

Founded in 1745 and renamed the Rockingham Works in 1826, the company produced fine porcelainware until 1842.