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Semicircular or polygonal termination of the chancel, which is typically situated at the eastern end of a Christian church.

Box pew

Type of church seating with enclosed sides.

Devil’s door

Blocked-up door in the north wall of a church, once believed to have been an escape route for the Devil when he left a child as a result of the sacrament of baptism.

Gwennap Pit

Amphitheatre in which John Wesley preached between 1762 and 1789, occupying a depression that was possibly formed by the subsidence of underground mine workings.


Structure close to the refectory of a monastery, providing washing facilities.

Lych gate

Roofed-over gateway into a churchyard.


Wooden ledge on the underside of a folding seat in a church, intended to support a member of the congregation while standing.


Central part of a church, used by the laiety.


Large ornamented wall, screen, or other structure placed behind the altar in a Christian church.


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