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Charitable foundation established to provide for the poor.

Back-to-back house

Form of terraced houses in the United Kingdom, each sharing party walls on three of their four sides.


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Bolton Percy Gatehouse

15th-century building in the village of Bolton Percy near York, the entrance to a courtyard of buildings that included the village rectory.

Burns Cottage

Birthplace of Robert Burns (1759–1796), Scotland's national poet.

But and ben

Scots term describing the architecture of a two-roomed cottage.

Eyebrow Cottage, Sale

Oldest surviving building in Sale, Greater Manchester, built c.1670.

Flixton House

Grade II listed building in Flixton, Greater Manchester, scene of the Flixton Footpath Battle of 1826.

Royd House

Designed by the architect Edgar Wood, and considered to be one of the most advanced examples of early 20th-century domestic architecture.

The Crooked House, Lavenham

15th-century house in Lavenham, Suffolk, said to be the inspiration for the old English nursery rhyme "There Was a Crooked Man".