Riots, uprisings & plots

Atterbury Plot

The Atterbury Plot (1721–1722) was a conspiracy named after Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster, aimed at restoring the House of Stuart to the throne of Great Britain.

Battle of Howe Bridge

The Battle of Howe Bridge took place on 4 February 1881 against the background of an acrimonious strike by 50,000 miners from pits on the Lancashire coalfield that was characterised by mobs of miners picketing working pits.

Five Members

Five members of parliament whom King Charles tried to have arrested in the House of Commons on 4 January 1642.

Fortescue Conspiracy

An attempt in 1558 to foretell the duration of the the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was an attempt to assassinate King James I and re-establish a Catholic monarchy by blowing up the House of Lords.

Leighth Feight

The Leighth Feight was a clash between Chartists and police in Leigh in Lancashire in August 1839.

Peterloo Massacre

The Peterloo Massacre (or Battle of Peterloo) occurred at St Peter’s Field, Manchester, England, on 16 August 1819, when cavalry charged into a crowd of 60,000–80,000 that had gathered to demand the reform of parliamentary representation.

Power-loom riots

The power-loom riots of 1826 took place in Lancashire, England, in protest against the economic hardship suffered by traditional hand loom weavers caused by the widespread introduction of the much more efficient power loom.

Waldegrave Conspiracy

The Waldregrave Conspiracy of 1561 was a supposed plot to kill Queen Elizabeth I and reintroduce Catholicism to England.