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A Balloon Site, Coventry

Oil on canvas painting by Laura Knight, portraying a group of people – mainly women – launching a barrage balloon.

A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery

1766 painting by Joseph Wright of Derby, depicting a lecturer giving a demonstration of an orrery.

A Winter Scene with Skaters Near a Castle

Oil-on-oak painting undertaken between 1608 and 1609 by the Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp (1585–1634).

Allegory of Fortune

Allegory of Fortune, sometimes also named La Fortuna, is an oil painting on canvas that was created around 1658 or 1659 by the Italian baroque painter Salvator Rosa, which caused uproar when first exhibited publicly and almost got the painter jailed and excommunicated.

Antoine Wiertz

Belgian Romantic painter and sculptor. His output, featuring such macabre scenes as violent suicide and premature burial has persuaded some critics to consider it the work of a madman.

Arthur Griffiths

British military officer, prison administrator and author who published more than sixty books during his lifetime. He was also a military historian who wrote extensively about the wars of the 19th century.

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

English nursery rhyme the earliest known version of which appears in 1784, perhaps referring to a tax on wool introduced in 1275.

BBC Northern Dance Orchestra

Formed in 1955 as the successor to the BBC’s Northern Variety Orchestra, but without the latter’s string section. Disbanded in 1974.

Carolina Nairne

Scottish songwriter, many of whose songs, such as “Will ye no’ come back again?” and “Charlie is my Darling”, remain popular today, almost two hundred years after they were written.


Technique used in the visual arts that makes use of light and shadow to define three-dimensional objects and surfaces.