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Abbey lubber

Minor devil tasked with tempting monks into corrupt and lascivious behaviour.


Magic word that has been in use since at least the second century BCE, when it appears on a Greek amulet as a ba ga da.

Angels of Mons

Angels who were widely reported as having defended the British Expeditionary Force against overwhelming odds in the first major engagement of the First World War, the Battle of Mons, on Sunday 23 August 1914.

Anne Jefferies

Young Cornish servant girl endowed with the power to heal and prophetise after being visited by fairies

Apotropaic eye

One of a number of signs used to ward off occult forms of evil such as spirits or demons.

Apotropaic magic

Form of magic with the power to avert evil influences.

Assipattle and the Stoor worm

Battle between Assipattle and a gigantic sea serpent known as the stoor worm


A female spirit in Irish and Scottish folklore whose wailing voice is heard before the death of a member of the family to which she is attached.


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Bealings Bells

Bealings Bells is an early modern poltergeist phenomenon that is reported to have taken place in Bealings House, Suffolk, in 1834.