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Eleanor Thornton

Inspiration for the Rolls-Royce flying lady mascot.

Emery GT

The Emery GT was the first Hillman Imp-based kit car.

English Mechanic

UK’s first kit car, 1900.

Fuji Cabin

The Fuji Cabin is a three-wheeled microcar produced by Fuji Toshuda Motors of Tokyo, Japan, from 1957 until 1958.

Grenville Steam Carriage

Three-wheeled steam carriage, probably completed in about 1890, capable of carrying four passengers plus its crew of two.

Harper Runabout

The Harper Runabout is a three-wheeled motor vehicle designed by Robert Harper and manufactured from 1921 until 1926.

Inspiration (car)

British World Land Speed Record holder for a steam-powered car, set in 2009.

Locomotive Acts

The Locomotive Acts of 1861, 1865 and 1878 set the United Kingdom’s first speed limits for road-going vehicles; powered passenger vehicles were at the time known as light locomotives, as they were invariably powered by steam.

Midas Bronze

Mini-based kit car designed by Richard Oakes and manufactured by D&H Fibreglass Techniques, set up by Harold Dermott and Maurice Holt in 1975.

Ogle SX1000

The Ogle SX1000 is a front-wheel drive Mini-based coupé-style motor vehicle designed by David Ogle, the founder of Ogle Design.