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Burying in Woollens Acts

There were three Burying in Woollens Acts passed during the 17th century, to support the domestic woollen trade in the face of increasing competition from foreign imports

Capital Punishment Amendment Act 1868

Act of Parliament that put an end to public executions for murder in the United Kingdom.

Cat and Mouse Act 1913

Act of Parliament intended to deal with the public outcry resulting from the treatment of suffragettes who went on hunger strike while in prison.

Combination Acts

Acts of Parliament passed by the Tory government of William Pitt the Younger in response to its fear of unrest or revolution among the working classes. They banned workers from combining to form trade unions and prevented them from striking, calling for shorter hours or increased pay.

Commonwealth (Adultery) Act 1650

Act passed by the Rump Parliament in 1650 making fornication, adultery and incest secular offences.

De heretico comburendo

Law passed in 1401 during the reign of King Henry IV, allowing heretics to be burned alive.

Diseases Prevention (Metropolis) Act 1883

Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed in 1883 to deal with London’s sick poor.

Free Mash-Tun Act 1880

Redirected to Inland Revenue Act 1880.

Glass tax

Two taxes on glass were introduced in England during the 1690s, the first on glass itself and the second on windows.


Feudal form of inheritance tax that persisted until 1922.