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Evelyn Manesta

Alias used by one of the three suffragettes arrested for damaging with hammers the glass of thirteen pictures in Manchester Art Gallery on 3 April 1913.

Florence Nagle

Trainer and breeder of racehorses, a breeder of pedigree dogs, and an active feminist

Florence Norman

British social campaigner and suffragist.

Gladys Pott

An English anti-suffragist and civil servant, author of The Anti-Suffrage Handbook of Facts, Statistics and Quotations for the Use of Speakers

Great Pilgrimage

March in 1913 by suffragists from all over England Wales to London, in support of the campaign for votes for women.

Herring girls

Women and girls who travelled across Scotland to gut and pack fish in the fishing ports on the east coast of Britain.

Katherine Harley

Suffragist who in 1913 organised the Great Pilgrimage, a march along six routes to converge on Hyde Park, London, where a rally in support of women’s suffrage was held.

Liber Poenitentialis

The Lieber potentialis is a set of 7th-century ecclesiastical laws applied to women – and only women – perfoming acts such as divination, raising storms, or murder by the use of magic.

Manchester Society for Women’s Suffrage

Society whose aim was to obtain the same rights for women to vote for Members of Parliament as those granted to men, formed at a meeting in Manchester in January 1867.

Margaret Sibthorp

Editor of the “pioneering women’s periodical” Shafts from 1892 until 1899.