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Rivington Unitarian Chapel

An active place of Unitarian worship in Rivington, Lancashire whose congregation dates from 1662 but the stone not built until 1703.

Rockingham Mausoleum

Monument commissioned by the Earl Fitzwilliam as a memorial to the second Marquess of Rockingham in 1783.

Rood screen

Screen separating the chancel from the nave, typically in late medieval Christion churches.

Sharston Hall

Former manor house built in Sharston, an area of Wythenshawe, Manchester, England in 1701.

Sicilian Baroque

Distinctive form of Baroque architecture which evolved on the island of Sicily, off the southern coast of Italy, in the 17th and 18th centuries that has given the island a unique architectural identity.

Smithills Hall

Smithills Hall in Bolton, Greater Manchester, is one of the oldest manor houses in the northwest of England, dating in parts from the 15th century.

Southport Pier

Pleasure pier in Southport, Merseyside, England. Opened in August 1860, it is the oldest iron pier in the country.


Roughly triangular space above and on either side of an arch.

St Bartholomew’s Chapel, West Bretton

Former estate chapel in the grounds of Bretton Hall, West Yorkshire.

St George’s Church, Tyldesley

Waterloo church dedicated to St George, completed in 1825 to serve the growing township of Tyldesley cum Shakerley.