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BBC Northern Dance Orchestra

Formed in 1955 as the successor to the BBC’s Northern Variety Orchestra, but without the latter’s string section. Disbanded in 1974.

Bealings Bells

Early modern poltergeist phenomenon reported to have taken place in Bealings House, Suffolk in 1834.

Beast of Buchan

Big cat or phantom cat reportedly sighted mainly in the historic Buchan area of Aberdeenshire in northeastern Scotland.

Beatrix Laing, witch

Redirected to Pittenweem witches.

Beatrix Layng, witch

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Bedford Colliery

Colliery in Leigh sunk by John Speakman at Wood End Farm in the northeast part of Bedford in 1875

Bedford Colliery explosion

Explosion of firedamp on Friday 13 August 1886 which caused the deaths of 38 miners at Bedford No. 2 Pit in Leigh, on the Lancashire Coalfield.


Type of public house created in the United Kingdom by the 1830 Beerhouse Act, legally defined as a place “where beer is sold to be consumed on the premises”.

Beeston Castle

Former royal castle built in the 1220s by Ranulf de Blondeville, 6th Earl of Chester, (1170–1232), on his return from the Fifth Crusade.


A shelter containing one or more bells.