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Thomas Hayton Mawson

Early 20th-century garden designer, landscape architect and town planner.

Thomas Linley

English tenor, musician and composer whose musically talented children were described as “a Nest of Nightingales”.

Thomas Lyon-Bowes, Master of Glamis (born 1821)

The official record states that Thomas Lyon-Bowes died shortly after his birth, but rumours have circulated that he was born horribly deformed and raised in a secret room in Glamis Castle, the so-called Monster of Glamis.

Thomas Sheridan

Thomas Sheridan (1775 – 1817), known as Tom Sheridan, was the only son of the playwright and poet Richard Brinsley Sheridan and the soprano Elizabeth Ann Linley

Thomas Tyldesley

Supporter of Charles I and a Royalist commander during the English Civil War.

Through a Window

Short story by H. G. Wells, first published in 1894, a precursor to the sub-genre of thriller in which a crippled or bed-ridden hero, after observing the world through a window, is suddenly confronted by a killer.

Tickle Cock Bridge

Pedestrian underpass in Castleford, England, under a railway line originally built by the York and North Midland Railway between York and Normanton.

Tim Bobbin

Redirected to John Collier (caricaturialist).

Timber roof truss

Structural framework of timbers designed to bridge the space above a room and to provide support for a roof.

Timperley Hall

Formerly moated manor house in Timperley, Greater Manchester, England, first recorded in 1560, but almost certainly built to replace an earlier medieval structure.