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Wakefield Castle

Fortification built in the 12th century on a hill on the north side of the River Calder near Wakefield, England.

Wakefield Chantry Chapel

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Waldegrave Conspiracy

Supposed plot to kill Queen Elizabeth I and reintroduce Catholicism to England.

Walkden Gardens

Public green space in Sale, Greater Manchester.

Wallsuches Bleachworks

Bleachworks that takes its name from an area of Horwich in Greater Manchester, England. The area is notable for the bleachworks started by Thomas Ridgway.

Walter Bruce, minister

Scottish minister at Inverkeithing and Rosyth who played a significant role in the witch-hunt of 1649–1650.

Walter Traill Dennison

Orcadian folklorist and antiquarian

Walthamstow Chase

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Wandering Jew

Jewish cobbler named Cartophilus, condemned by Jesus to roam the world without rest until the end of time, for taunting him on his way to the Crucifixion.