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Anglo-Saxon administrative unit.

Warburton Toll Bridge

Privately owned statutory tolled undertaking which incorporates a public highway road length, one of the few remaining pre-motorway toll bridges in the UK.

Warrington Perambulating Library

The Warrington Perambulating Library has been described by historian Ian Orton as “one of the most revolutionary library advances of the nineteenth century”.

Water bull

Also known as tarbh uisge in Scottish Gaelic, a mythological Scottish creature similar to the Manx tarroo ushtey.

Wee Willie Winkie

Nursery rhyme about the best-known of the British sleep spirits, first published in 1841.

Welcome to Engole

Our home page.

Wellington Suspension Bridge

Bridge crossing the River Dee in Aberdeen, northeast Scotland

West Bretton

Village and civil parish in the Wakefield District of West Yorkshire.

Westminster Gazette

London Liberal evening newspaper published from 1896 until 1928, distinctive for its green newsprint.

Wharton Hall Colliery

Wharton Hall Colliery was in Little Hulton on the Lancashire Coalfield in Lancashire, north west England.