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William Waterhouse

English artist; father of John William Waterhouse

Windsor witches

Four women from Windsor executed for witchcraft in 1579.

Winter Hill

The high point of Rivington Moor in the West Pennine Moors is 1,496 feet high and has been the site of mining, a mass trespass, aeroplane disasters and murder.

Winter Hill Trespass

1896 protest organised when the landowner Colonel Ainsworth closed a track leading to Winter Hill, denying the right of access to the local population.

Witch bottle

Bottles or jars used in counterspells to reverse a curse imposed by a witch.

Witch of Berkeley

Legendary 11th–century witch who tried and failed to prevent the Devil from claiming her body after her death.

Witch of Endor

Female sorcerer who appears in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 28:3–25).

Witch of Redden

Redirected to Janet Kennedy, visionary.

Witch of Stapenhill

Redirected to Alice Gooderidge.

Witch trials in early modern Scotland

Judicial proceedings in Scotland between the early 16th century and the mid-18th century concerned with crimes of witchcraft, part of a series of witch trials in Early Modern Europe.