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Methods used to identify witches.

Witch’s broomstick

Broomstick smeared with flying ointment, supposed to give witches the power of flight.

Witch’s familiar

Demonic spirit who attends upon a witch, possessing magical powers that can be used for good or evil. Often taking the form of a small animal such as a cat.

Witchcraft Act 1735

Sometimes dated 1736, an Act of Parliament that repealed the statutes concerning witchcraft throughout Great Britain, including Scotland.

Witchcraft Acts

Series of Acts passed by the Parliaments of England and Scotland making witchcraft a secular offence punishable by death.

Witchcraft in Orkney

Witchcraft in Orkney possibly has its roots in the settlement of Norsemen on the archipelago from the eighth century onwards. Until the early modern period magical powers were accepted as part of the general lifestyle, but witch-hunts began on the mainland of Scotland in about 1550.

Witches & witchcraft

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Witches at their Incantations

Painting by the Italian Baroque artist Salvator Rosa, completed in about 1646.

Witches of Belvoir

Mother and her two daughters accused of causing the deaths by witchcraft of two young nobles, Henry and Francis Manners.

Witches of Warboys

Three members of the Samuel family who were executed for witchcraft in Huntingdonshire in 1593.