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Grange Moor

Tract of moorland more than 700 feet above sea level that gave its name to Grange Moor, a residential village.

Halifax Gibbet

Early guillotine, or decapitating machine, used in the town of Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. It was probably installed during the 16th century as an alternative to beheading by axe or sword.

Heavy Woollen District

Area of West Yorkshire whose prosperity rested on the manufacture of shoddy and mungo, an early form of recycling.

Hob Moor

A local nature reserve and ancient common in York

Hoober Stand

Monumental tower in the form of a tapering pyramid topped with a hexagonal lantern, named for the ancient wood in which it was erected.

Huskar Pit Disaster

Deaths of 26 boys and girls working underground, drowned by an overflowing stream.

Jervaulx Abbey

Ruined Cistercian monastery and scheduled monument about one and a half miles (2.4 km) east of East Witton in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.

John Blenkinsop

Mining engineer at Charles Brandling’s Middleton Collieries who patented a rack and pinion system for a steam locomotive and commissioned the first practical railway locomotive from Fenton, Murray and Wood’s Round Foundry in Holbeck, Leeds in 1811.

Kaye’s Mineral Line

Standard gauge mineral line built to serve the pits owned by the Lister Kayes of Denby Grange in West Yorkshire.

Kirklees Priory

Medieval nunnery associated with the legend of the death of Robin Hood.