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Devil’s Knell

Custom associated with Dewsbury Minster in West Yorkshire, England.

Dewsbury Minster

Parish church in Dewsbury and Mother Church of West Yorkshir.

Diana Beaumont

Eldest illegitimate daughter of Sir Thomas Wentworth of Bretton Hall near Wakefield in Yorkshire.

Dick Turpin

English highwayman whose exploits were romanticised following his execution in York for horse theft. In the popular imagination he is best remembered for a fictional 200-mile ride from London to York on his horse Black Bess.

Dicky Beefs

Redirected to New Hall moat.


One of several villages in the Saddleworth parish in the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, in Greater Manchester

Diseases Prevention (Metropolis) Act 1883

Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed in 1883 to deal with London’s sick poor.

Doctrine of signatures

Observation that the form of a medicinal plant in some way resembles the organ or disease it can be used to treat.

Donald McGill

English graphic artist whose name has become synonymous with the genre of saucy postcards, particularly associated with the seaside.

Donner Party

Group of American pioneers who set out for California in a wagon train. Delayed by a series of mishaps, they spent the winter of 1846–1847 snowbound in the Sierra Nevada, where some of them resorted to cannibalism to survive.