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The Daily Courant

First British daily newspaper, first published on 11 March 1702.

The Gentleman’s Magazine

Monthly compendium of the best news, essays and information from the daily and weekly newspapers, published from 1731 until 1914.

The Graphic

British weekly illustrated newspaper published from 1869 to 1932.

The Idler

Illustrated monthly magazine published in London from 1892 until 1911.

The Ladies Mercury

First English periodical targeted specifically at women, published in 1693.

The Monthly Packet

Monthly magazine aimed at young women between 15 and 25, published from 1851 until 1899.

The Pall Mall Gazette

Evening newspaper launched in London on 7 February 1865. It introduced investigative journalism into British journalism, along with other innovations.

The Penny Illustrated Paper

Daily newspaper published under various names from 1861 until 1913.

The Schoolgirl

Story paper for girls published from 1922 until 1940.

The Schoolgirls’ Own

British weekly story paper aimed at girls, published from 1921 until 1936.