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Spirits also known as powries, said to haunt the peel towers and castles of the Scottish border with England.


Ectoplasm is a gelatinous substance that exudes from the body of a spiritualist medium during a seance, which the spirits being communicated with are able to mould into shapes allowing them to communicate with the living.

Egyptian days

Days of the year that are considered to be unlucky to carry out any important undertaking.

Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick

Physics researcher, activist for the higher education of women, Principal of Newnham College of the University of Cambridge, and a leading figure in the Society for Psychical Research.


Type of primitive spiritual entity from the pagan past, perhaps the manifestation of a race memory, usually associated with a single place.

Elizeus Hall

Sixteenth-century prophet and false messiah who claimed to be a messenger from God.

Emic and etic

Emic and etic are terms used to describe two different kinds of field research in a wide field of studies, from the view of the insider or the observer respectively.

Epworth Rectory

Site of supposed paranormal events that occurred in 1716.

Ernest W. Marwick

Scottish writer, folklorist and antiquarian particularly noted for his texts on Orkney folklore and history


Monstrous creature of the Scottish Highlands.