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Leeds arcades

Four Victorian shopping arcades built between 1878 and 1904, all listed buildings and still in use.

Leeds Cloth Halls

Six cloth halls have been built in Leeds since 1711, and the remains of two survive. Four were for white cloth, one for mixed or coloured cloth and one for cloth made by unapprenticed clothiers.

Leeds Pottery

Pottery established in 1770 in Hunslet, South Leeds notable for intricate pierced creamware known as Leedsware.

Masbro’ boat disaster

Sixty-four people, mainly children, were drowned in the River Don in Masbrough, Yorkshire, on 5 July 1841 when the launch of a boat went wrong.

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray was an engineer born in Newcastle on Tyne who became known for improving steam engines and building the first commercially successful steam locomotive.

Nostell Colliery

Former colliery on the South Yorkshire Coalfield, about four and a half miles south east of Wakefield, on the Nostell Priory estate.

Piece Hall

Rare example of a large-scale cloth hall – an exchange for trading woollen and worsted cloth “pieces” – that is largely intact.

Potovens pottery

Hamlet on the Wakefield Outwood, now known as Wrenthorpe, where small pot works were built.

Potts of Leeds

Company founded in 1833 in Leeds, England to make domestic timepieces , which expanded into the manufacture and repair of public clocks.

Red House

House built in 1660 by William Taylor, whose descendants owned it until 1920. The Taylor family were farmers and clothiers, who developed their business into cloth finishing and became merchants.