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Elizabeth Ann Linley

Singer who possessed great beauty, subject of several paintings, poet and writer.

Elizabeth Cresswell

One of the most successful prostitutes and brothel keepers in 17th-century England, (1625–1698).

Elizabeth Francis, witch

English woman tried three times for witchcraft, hanged in 1579 for bewitchment and murder by witchcraft.

Elizabeth Fraunces

Redirected to Elizabeth Francis.

Elizabeth Hicks, witch

Redirected to Whole trial and examination of Mrs. Mary Hicks and her daughter Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Lowys

First person to be prosecuted under the Witchcraft Act of 1563.

Elizabeth Mallett

Elizabeth Mallet (fl. 1672–1706) was a printer and bookseller who produced Britain’s first daily newspaper, The Daily Courant, the first issue of which appeared on 11 March 1702.

Elizabeth Mortlock, witch

Woman from the small farming village of Pampisford, in Cambridgeshire, convicted of witchcraft in an ecclestiastical court in Ely in 1566.

Elizabeth Needham

Elizabeth Needham (d. 1731), also known as Mother Needham, was an English procuress and brothel-keeper in 18th-century London.

Elizabeth Raffald

18th-century English entrepreneur, author of The Experienced English Housekeeper, and possible inventor of the Eccles cake.