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Elizabeth Style

Redirected to Windsor witches.

Elizabeth Tyldesley

Elizabeth Tyldesley (1585–1654) was a 17th-century abbess at the Poor Clare Convent at Gravelines.

Elizeus Hall

Sixteenth-century prophet and false messiah who claimed to be a messenger from God.

Elland flags

Sandstones interbedded with mudstones and siltstones in the Lower Coal Measures of West Yorkshire, once extensively quarried.

Elleine Smithe, witch

Essex woman convicted and hanged for witchcraft in 1579


A residential suburb of Worsley in the City of Salford in Greater Manchester, England.

Ellenbrook Chapel

Redirected to St Mary the Virgin’s Church, Ellenbrook.

Ellenbrook tramway

A tramway built by the Bridgewater Trustees in the 1830s to transport coal to the Bridgewater Canal.

Ellesmere Colliery

Ellesmere Colliery in Walkden, on the Lancashire Coalfield, was sunk in 1865 by the Bridgewater Trustees. Production ended in 1923.

Ellice Hopkins

Victorian social campaigner, author and co-founder with Bishop Joseph Lightfoot of Durham of the White Cross Army in 1883.