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The Servant’s Magazine

Published monthly in England from 1838 until 1869. Priced at one penny, its mission was to provide “improving reading for servant girls”.

The Sphere

British weekly illustrated newspaper published from 1900 to 1964.

The Storm (1704)

An account by Daniel Defoe of the great storm of 1703, the first work of modern journalism.

The Strand Magazine

Monthly publication founded by George Newnes, published 1891–1950, credited with introducing the short story to a British audience.

Westminster Gazette

London Liberal evening newspaper published from 1896 until 1928, distinctive for its green newsprint.

Whirligig (TV series)

BBC television programme for children broadcast from 1950 until 1956.

Women’s Suffrage Journal

Magazine founded by Lydia Becker and Jessie Boucherett in 1870, focusing on news of events affecting women’s lives.