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Opaque watercolour in which the pigments are bound together by glue.

Grange Ash Colliery

Colliery that operated between 1871 and 1966, south of the A642 road east of Grange Moor crossroads.

Grange Moor

Tract of moorland more than 700 feet above sea level that gave its name to Grange Moor, a residential village.

Great Boys Colliery

Great Boys Colliery in Tyldesley was a coal mine operating on the Manchester Coalfield in the second half of the 19th century in Lancashire, England.

Great County Adit

System of underground tunnels that drained tin and copper mines between Redruth and Bissoe in west Cornwall.

Great Flat Lode

Large ore-bearing body of rock under the southern slopes of Carn Brea, south of Camborne in Cornwall, England.

Great Gold Robbery

The Great Gold robbery of 1855 occurred when a routine shipment of gold bullion and coins was stolen from a train in transit between London Bridge and Folkestone, on its way to Paris.

Great Haigh Sough

Tunnel or adit driven under Sir Roger Bradshaigh’s Haigh Hall estate between 1653 and 1670, to drain his coal and cannel pits.

Great Moreton Hall

Great Moreton Hall is a former country house in Moreton cum Alcumlow near Congleton, in Cheshire, England, less than a mile (1.6 km) from its better-known near namesake Little Moreton Hall.

Great Pilgrimage

March in 1913 by suffragists from all over England Wales to London, in support of the campaign for votes for women.