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Hamlet and civil parish in West Cornwall.

Gwennap Pit

Amphitheatre in which John Wesley preached between 1762 and 1789, occupying a depression that was possibly formed by the subsidence of underground mine workings.

H. G. Wells bibliography

List of publications written by H. G. Wells during the more than fifty years of his literary career.


Obliquely cut opening in the chancel wall of a Christian church.

Haigh Foundry

An ironworks and foundry in Haigh near Wigan that was notable for the manufacture of steam engines.

Haigh Hall

Historic country house in Haigh, near Wigan in Greater Manchester England.

Halifax Gibbet

Early guillotine, or decapitating machine, used in the town of Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. It was probably installed during the 16th century as an alternative to beheading by axe or sword.

Halkett boat

Type of lightweight inflatable craft designed by Lt Peter Halkett (1820–1885) during the 1840s. When deflated, the hull can be used as a cloak, the oar as a walking stick, and the sail as an umbrella.

Hammersmith Ghost

Early 19th-century hoax that reinforced the standard white-sheeted ghost look, and set a legal precedent for self-defence.

Hanged, drawn and quartered

Statutory penalty in England from 1352 for men convicted of high treason.