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Inland Revenue Act 1880

Act of Parliament to repeal the duties on Malt, to grant and alter certain duties of the Inland Revenue, and to amend the Laws in relation to certain other duties.

Insolvent Debtors (England) Act 1813

Act passed by the United Kingdom Parliament in 1813, in response to the demands on the prison system imposed by the numbers of those being incarcerated for debt, and some concern for their plight.

Inspiration (car)

British World Land Speed Record holder for a steam-powered car, set in 2009.


Built-up area in the City of Salford, Greater Manchester, England, lying on flat ground on the south side of the M62 motorway and the north bank of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Irwell Valley Fault

Redirected to Pendleton Fault.

Isaac Fawkes

18th-century English conjuror and showman, considered by Harry Houdini to be the cleverest sleight-of-hand performer magic has ever known.

Isabella Waterhouse

English portrait painter; mother of John William Waterhouse

Isobel Adam, witch

Redirected to Pittenweem witches.

Isobel Gowdie

Scottish woman accused of witchcraft in 1662 and probably executed, whose detailed testimony provides one of the most comprehensive insights into European witchcraft folklore at the end of the era of witch-hunts.