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Isobel Young, witch

Scottish woman tried, convicted and executed for witchcraft in 1629. Her case gives an almost unrivalled glimpse into 17th-century proceedings in witch trials.

Issobell Young

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J. C. Prestwich

James Caldwell Prestwich (1852–1940) was an English architect. He was born in Atherton, Lancashire and educated at Leigh and Nantwich Grammar Schools.

J. S. Grimaldi

English stage actor, comedian, clown and dancer.

Jack Bologna

Italian actor and dancer who did much to popularise the role of Harlequin in Georgian pantomimes.

Jack Crouch

English racing jockey who died in aircraft crash.

Jack Sheppard

Jack Sheppard (1702–1724) was a notorious thief in early 18th-century London, wildly popular with the poorer classes.

Jack Sprat

English nursery rhyme first recorded in the form we know it today in 1670.


BBC children’s television series originally broadcast from 1965 until 1996.

James Burton

James Burton (1784–1868) was the owner of several cotton mills in Tyldesley and Hindsford in the mid-19th century.