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Lillie Wallace, witch

Redirected to Pittenweem witches.


Act of sorcery, historically usually performed by a witch, intended to cause harm or injury.

Malkin Tower

Home of Elizabeth Southerns, also known as Demdike, and her granddaughter Alizon Device, two of the chief protagonists in the Lancashire witch trials of 1612.

Margaret Aitken, the great witch of Balwearie

Pivotal figure in the great Scottish witchcraft panic of 1597.

Margaret Echlin, Lady Pittathrow

Redirected to Margaret Henderson, Lady Pittadrow.

Margaret Henderson, Lady Pittadro

A member of the Scottish elite who was accused then incarcerated for witchcraft in 1649, but died before her case went to trial.

Margaretha Horn, witch

Woman arrested on suspicion of witchcraft in Rothenburg in 1652, who despite being tortured, vigorously protested her innocence

Mary Hicks, witch

Redirected to Whole trial and examination of Mrs. Mary Hicks and her daughter Elizabeth.

Matthew Hopkins

English witch-hunter who claimed to hold the office of Witchfinder General, although that title was never bestowed by Parliament.

Meg Shelton

Reputed witch whose corpse kept reappearing from its grave until it was covered by a large boulder.