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James Ferguson (Scottish politician)

James Ferguson (25 May 1735 – 6 September 1820) was a Scottish advocate and Tory politician and the third Laird of Pitfour, a large estate in the Buchan area of northeast Scotland, which is known as the ‘Blenheim of the North’.

James Ferguson, 1st Laird of Pitfour

Scottish lawyer and the 1st Laird of Pitfour, a large estate in the Buchan area of north-east Scotland.

James Ferguson, Lord Pitfour

Scottish advocate and second Laird of Pitfour, a large estate in Buchan. He was elevated to the bench in 1764.

James Gordon, baillie

James Gordon was an affluent merchant, baillie of Edinburgh, and owner Fortalice of Ardgith, now Ellon Castle.

James Humphreys (pornographer)

English business and criminal who ran a chain of adult book shops and strip clubs in London. He was able to operate his business by bribing serving police officers.

James Sharples

Blacksmith and self-taught artist whose major work, The Forge, was completed in 1847.

James Wood

Presbyterian minister of the first Atherton and Chowbent Chapels in Atherton, Lancashire, England.

Jamie Fleeman

Probably the last Scottish family jester, better known as “the Laird of Udny’s Fool” or “the Laird of Udny’s Fule”

Jane Taylor

English children’s author (1783–1824), whose best known work is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

Jane Wenham

Last person to be condemned to death for witchcraft in an English court, when she was found guilty at Hertford in 1712.