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Liber Poenitentialis

The Lieber potentialis is a set of 7th-century ecclesiastical laws applied to women – and only women – perfoming acts such as divination, raising storms, or murder by the use of magic.

Lilias Adie, witch

Elderly Torryburn woman who died after confessing to witchcraft; her face was reconstructed from photos of her skull.

Lillie Wallace, witch

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Lion comique

The lion comique was a type of popular entertainer in the Victorian music halls, a parody of upper-class toffs or “swells” made popular by Alfred Vance and G. H. MacDermott, among others.


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Little Moreton Hall

Moated half-timbered manor house 4.5 miles (7.2 km) southwest of Congleton in Cheshire, England, the earliest parts of which date from about 1504–1508.

Locomotive Acts

The Locomotive Acts of 1861, 1865 and 1878 set the United Kingdom’s first speed limits for road-going vehicles; powered passenger vehicles were at the time known as light locomotives, as they were invariably powered by steam.

Longford Cinema

Cinema opposite Stretford Mall on the eastern side of the A56 Chester Road, perhaps the most visually striking building in the town.

Ly Erg

The Ly Erg is a fairy from Scottish folklore that dresses as a soldier, challenging passersby to fight. But anyone who takes up the challenge will die, win or lose.

Lych gate

Roofed-over gateway into a churchyard.