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Lytham Pier

Pleasure and working pier opened in the seaside town of Lytham, Lancashire, England in 1865, demolished in 1960.

Magee Marshall & Company

Magee Marshall & Company operated from the Crown Brewery in Bolton, Lancashire, England from 1888 until being taken over by Greenall Whitley in 1958.

Making of Bread, etc. Act 1800

The Making of Bread, etc. Act 1800 (41 Geo. III c. 16), also known as the Brown Bread Act or the Poison Act, was a British Act of Parliament that prohibited millers from producing any flour other than wholemeal flour.

Malcolm Saville

Leonard Malcolm Saville (21 February 1901 – 30 June 1982) was an English author best known for the Lone Pine series of children’s books, published between 1943 and 1978.

Malcolm Saville bibliography

List of the novels written by Malcolm Saville.


Act of sorcery, historically usually performed by a witch, intended to cause harm or injury.

Malkin Tower

Home of Elizabeth Southerns, also known as Demdike, and her granddaughter Alizon Device, two of the chief protagonists in the Lancashire witch trials of 1612.

Manchester & Salford Tramway Company

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Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition, 1857

Exhibition of fine art art held in Manchester in 1857, the largest art exhibition ever in the UK.