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Margaret Sibthorp

Editor of the “pioneering women’s periodical” Shafts from 1892 until 1899.

Margaretha Horn, witch

Woman arrested on suspicion of witchcraft in Rothenburg in 1652, who despite being tortured, vigorously protested her innocence


Oil painting by John William Waterhouse

Mark Sheridan

English music-hall comedian and singer, whose recording popularised the song “I do like to be beside the Seaside”.


A malevolent Shetland monster in the form of a large fish.

Marshall Stevens

Property developer whose work with Daniel Adamson and others led to the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, completed in 1894.

Martha Bradley

18th-century English cook, author of The British Housewife.

Mary Bateman

Poisoner and thief whose most audacious hoax was The Prophet Hen of Leeds.

Mary Eales

18th-century writer on cookery and confectionery, author of Mrs Mary Eales’s Receipts (1718)

Mary Hicks, witch

Redirected to Whole trial and examination of Mrs. Mary Hicks and her daughter Elizabeth.