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Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray was an engineer born in Newcastle on Tyne who became known for improving steam engines and building the first commercially successful steam locomotive.

Maud Foster Windmill

Seven-storey, five-sail tower mill close to the Maud Foster Drain, from which she is named, in Skirbeck, Boston, Lincolnshire.

Maurice Winnick

English musician and dance band leader of the British dance band era.


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Meg Shelton

Reputed witch whose corpse kept reappearing from its grave until it was covered by a large boulder.

Mellor hill fort

Prehistoric site dating from the British Iron Age, situated on a hill in the village of Mellor, Greater Manchester, on the western edge of the Peak District.

Meriel Talbot

British public servant and women’s welfare worker, (1866–1956).

Mermaid of Zennor

Mermaid who enticed a chorister from the local parish church to live with her in the sea.

Metropolitan Houseless Poor Act 1864

Short-term piece of legislation that imposed a legal obligation on Poor Law unions in London to provide temporary accommodation for “destitute wayfarers, wanderers, and foundlings”

Midas Bronze

Mini-based kit car designed by Richard Oakes and manufactured by D&H Fibreglass Techniques, set up by Harold Dermott and Maurice Holt in 1975.