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Militia Ordinance

Act of Parliament passed in 1642 allowing parliament to appoint military commanders without the king’s approval.

Mind at the End of Its Tether

Last publication by the English author H. G. Wells, a darkly pessimistic prediction about the future extinction of the human race.

Mine boat

Boats built to transport coal from the Duke of Bridgewater’s pits in Worsley

Mines and Collieries Act 1842

Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom prohibiting all females and boys under ten years of age from working underground in coal mines.

Mines rescue

Specialised job of rescuing miners and others who have become trapped or injured in underground mines because of accidents, roof falls or floods and disasters such as explosions caused by firedamp.

Mining disasters in Lancashire

Mining disasters in Lancashire in which five or more people were killed occurred most frequently in the 1850s, 1860s and 1870s.


Churches originally founded in Anglo-Saxon times, and a term revived for some large parish churches.


Wooden ledge on the underside of a folding seat in a church, intended to support a member of the congregation while standing.

Model village

Type of mostly self-contained community, built from the late 18th century onwards by landowners and industrialists to house their workers.

Monastic grange

Monastic granges were outlying landholdings held by monasteries independent of the manorial system. They could be of six known types: agrarian, bercaries (sheep farms), vaccaries (cattle farms), horse studs, fisheries or industrial complexes.