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Astley and Bedford Mosses

Areas of peat bog south of the Bridgewater Canal and north of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in Astley and Bedford, Leigh, England.

Astley and Tyldesley Collieries

Colliery company formed in 1900, became part of Manchester Collieries in 1929, and some of its collieries were nationalised in 1947.

Astrological medicine

Astrological botany is based on the notion that if plants or seeds are to be used for medicinal purposes then their planting and collection must be carried out with regard to the positions of the planets and other heavenly bodies, which are at the heart of the disease process.

Athenodoros and the ghost

Athenenodorus (c. 74 BCE – 7 AD) was a Stoic philosopher and the subject of the first recorded ghost story.

Atherton Hall

Country house and estate in Atherton in Lancashire, England built between 1723 and 1742, demolished in 1824.

Atherton Urban District

Atherton Urban District was from 1894 to 1974 a local government district in Lancashire, England.

Atterbury Plot

Conspiracy named after Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster, aimed at restoring the House of Stuart to the throne of Great Britain.

Aunt Judy’s Magazine

British magazine for young people founded in 1866.


One of the earliest motorised scooters.

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

English nursery rhyme the earliest known version of which appears in 1784, perhaps referring to a tax on wool introduced in 1275.