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Manchester Liners

Cargo and passenger shipping company founded in 1898, based in Manchester, England.

Manchester Madonna

Unfinished tempera on panel painting by Michelangelo.

Manchester Mark 1

One of the earliest stored-program computers, developed at the Victoria University of Manchester from the Small-Scale Experimental Machine which went operational in 1948.

Manchester Martyrs

Three men executed for the murder of a police officer in Manchester, England, in 1867.

Manchester Mummy

Mummified body of Hannah Beswick (1688–1758, a wealthy woman with a pathological fear of premature burial.

Manchester Museum

Largest university museum in the UK, founded in 1867.

Manchester Royal Exchange

Former cotton exchange damaged by two bombs, now comprising a theatre and shopping centre.

Manchester Ship Canal

36-mile-long (58 km) inland waterway in the North West of England linking Manchester to the Irish Sea.

Manchester Society for Women’s Suffrage

Society whose aim was to obtain the same rights for women to vote for Members of Parliament as those granted to men, formed at a meeting in Manchester in January 1867.

Manchester Suburban Tramways Company

Company incorporated in 1877 as the Manchester & Salford Tramway Company, to provide horse-drawn tram services throughout Manchester and Salford, in England.