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Pall Mall Budget

Weekly magazine published in London from 1868 until 1920.

Park Hospital

Redirected to Trafford General Hospital.

Patrick Cowper, minister

Redirected to Pittenweem witches.

Patrick Milne of Crimonmogate

Wealthy Scottish merchant, politician, and landowner; commissioned Aberdeen architects to design two houses.

Pearson & Cox

A British manufacturer of steam and petrol-powered vehicles active from 1908 until 1916.

Pearson’s Magazine

Monthly publication founded by Cyril Arthur Pearson, published 1896–1939, the first British periodical to include a crossword.

Pedrail Wheel

Type of all-terrain wheel developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Bramah Joseph Diplock.

Peel Trident

The Peel Trident, designed by Cyril Cannell, was first produced by the Peel Engineering Co from 1965–1966, and reintroduced by Peel Engineering Ltd in 2011.

Peelwood Colliery

Peelwood Colliery on the Manchester Coalfield in Shakerley, Tyldesley, Lancashire, began producing coal in 1883.

Peg o’ Nell

Malevolent water spirit of the River Ribble in Lancashire, England.