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Babes in the Wood

English fairy tale and pantomime subject, about two young children abandoned in the wood by their wicked uncle, in an attempt to steal their inheritance.


Land-speed record car that was built and driven by John Parry-Thomas to a world record in 1926.

Back-to-back house

Form of terraced houses in the United Kingdom, each sharing party walls on three of their four sides.


Children’s television series about a young Victorian girl called Emily, her shop, and her magical saggy old cloth cat, Bagpuss.

Ballet Shoes (novel)

One of the first career novels, written by the English author Noel Streatfeild and published in 1936.

Bank Hall Colliery

Coal mine near the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Burnley, Lancashire., the town’s largest and deepest pit.


A female spirit in Irish and Scottish folklore whose wailing voice is heard before the death of a member of the family to which she is attached.

Barbara Napier, witch

Woman accused of witchcraft and conspiracy to murder during the North Berwick witch trials.

Bargarran witches

Redirected to Paisley witches.

Barnfield Mills

Former complex of six cotton spinning mills, known locally as Caleb Wright’s, on either side of Union Street in Tyldesley.