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Sam Hurst

English bare-knuckle boxing champion 1860–1861.

Samlesbury witches

Three women from the Lancashire village of Samlesbury – Jane Southworth, Jennet Bierley, and Ellen Bierley – accused by a 14-year-old girl, Grace Sowerbutts, of practising witchcraft. Their trial at Lancaster Assizes in England on 19 August 1612 was one in a series of witch trials held there over two days. All three women were acquitted.

Samuel Bamford

English radical and writer, born in Middleton, Lancashire.

Samuel Hibbert-Ware

English geologist and antiquarian.

Samuel Johnson

18th-century English writer, critic, editor and lexicographer whose Dictionary of the English Language had far-reaching effects on the development of Modern English.

Samuel Linley

Oboist, singer and junior naval officer. A member of the musically talented Linley family fathered by Thomas Linley, Samuel first performed on stage in 1766.

Sandal Castle

Ruined medieval castle in Sandal Magna, Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England. One of two castles built overlooking the River Calder, it was built by the Warrennes, the Earls of Surrey who were Lords of the Manor of Wakefield.

Sarah Baker

English actor, theatre manager, and one of the most successful self-made women of her time.

Sarah Mapp

18th-century bone-setter, nicknamed Crazy Sally.

Sawney Bean

Legendary 16th-century Scottish cannibal.